Introduction of EconLab

The Economic Organization and Economic Behavior Laboratory was established in 2006. It is funded by the “985 Project” and “211 Project” and is affiliated to the School of Economics of Renmin University of China. It is the national experimental teaching demonstration center of Renmin University of China and the national level of Renmin University of China. One of the laboratories of the Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center provides a basic environment for economic experiments for teachers, students and academics outside the school.
At present, the laboratory has 150 square meters of experimental sites and 3 million yuan of hardware and software equipment. It provides basic environment support for software and hardware for experimental economics, behavioral economics, economic numerical calculations, and economic simulation. By the end of 2013, based on the services provided by this laboratory, many scholars have published 4 SCI/SSCI and more than 30 CSSCI papers (statistics by 2011).
The laboratory welcomes a variety of academically funded grants.

Phone Number: 82500255
WeChat Public Account: ruc_econlab

Co-chair:Xianghong Shirley Wang,YU Ze
Chief Researcher:LIU FengLiang,LU FangWen,Xianghong Shirley Wang,ZHOU YeAn
Researcher:HAN Song,SUN WenKai,QIN Ping,SONG Yang,LI SangXi,JIANG Ting,YE GuangLiang,DAI ZhiXin,WENG Qian
Technical Engineer:NIU Rui