【Behavioral and Experimental Economics Seminar】Seminar on Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Behavioral and Experimental Economics Seminar (Session 4)

[Time] November 5, 2018 (Monday) 12:00-13:30
[Location] Room 734, Main Building, Mingde
[Theme] The Psychology and Economics of a Superstition
[President]Joshua Miller (Assistant Professor at the University of Alicante (Spain))
[Moderator] Lu Fangwen (Professor, School of Economics, Renmin University of China)
[Reviewer] Dai Zhixin (Assistant Professor, School of Finance and Finance, Renmin University of China)
[Language] English
[Abstract] We design two field experiments and a laboratory experiment in order to determine if people are willing to incur a cost (qualitative and quantitative) to behave in accordance with their superstitious beliefs. We explore potential mechanisms.
[Introduction to the lecturer] Joshua Miller is an economist at the University of Alicante (Spain). He received his PhD in Economics from the University of Minnesota. He works primarily in the areas of behavioral and experimental economics. His current research interests focus on information He has published papers in top journals such as Econometrica, Journal of Political Economy, and Management Science.