The School of Economics Held the First Behavioral and Experimental Economics Seminar

On Sep 7, the Behavioral and Experimental Economics seminar was held in the School of Economics, Renmin University of China as the form of Round Table. Prof. Wang Xianghong from School of Economics hosted this seminar. Lu Fangwen from School of Economics, Dai Zhixin from the School of Finance, Weng Qian from the School of Labor and Human Resourses, He Haoran and Zhang Boyu from Beijing Normal University, Wang Yacan from Beijing Jiaotong University and Gao Yu from Peking University attended this seminar.

Prof. Wang Xianghong and participants firstly looked back on the development of Behavioral and Experimental Economics in China since the reform and opening-up, and then summarized the achievements and experience in teaching and research. In addition, they discussed the hotspot issues and new research methods about Behavioral and Experimental Economics and investigated how to study relevant issues in China. What’s more, they put forward a variety of suggestions to further promote cooperation in Behavioral and Experimental Economics intra schools, inter schools and internationally.

This seminar was firstly held in the School of Economics. We will continue to hold more seminars in future. For details, please pay attention to website, posters and mails. We look forward to your participation and hope to work together to promote the development of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.